Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lastest happenings in our world

Gosh, I am terrible at keeping a blog. I find it easier to just update our life on Facebook. A lot has happened since my last post. We had our 2nd baby girl on September 15, 2011 at 9:33 p.m. Her name is Makenzie Ellen (Ellen after her grandma Mary Ellen-Randy's mom) she weighed 7 lbs, 8 oz, 20 in long. She looks a lot like her big sister Kimber so in reality that is mostly looking like Randy since Kimber is a mini Randy. She is now 3 months and weighs almost 14 lbs, she's the sweetest, chubbiest little girl in the world! We are in LOVE with her. She is already sleeping through night and that is the best gift she could give her momma!

I wanted to write her birth story down since it was so different from Kimber's and also so I could always remember it. How could I ever forget giving labor though right?? :) Beware: this will be lengthy. I want it more for my documentation.

My pregnancy with Makenzie wasn't the easiest to begin with. Kimber's was a perfect pregnancy in every way almost (if there is a prefect pregnancy)! It started out fine but at 10 weeks I started bleeding. I immediately thought I was going to miscarry so I laid down, drank some water, and waited for the cramps to start....they never did. I stopped bleeding for about 2 days, so I thought it was just implantation bleeding since I spotted with Kimber around that same time. Well, Valentine's day night around 8 p.m. I started bleeding again but also passing small clots so I was positive I was miscarrying this time, so off to the ER Randy and I went to spend a very romantic Valentine's night in the hospital waiting to hear we lost our baby. :( Turns out they did an ultrasound and lo and behold I saw a very alive, bouncy baby, and I was so relieved! What I had was a blood clot in between my uterus and placenta (subchorronic hemmorage) that just had to work its way out. Thankfully, it did, and I never did miscarry. Luckily, I also had friends that went through the same thing so they helped calm my nerves. The stresses didn't stop there. I had pre-term labor at 20 weeks which I had to go on modified bed rest until contractions stopped, (which basically means making your load light and resting as much as possible without being bedridden) that lasted a few weeks. I had about 3 vaginal infections right after each other that all required antibiotics, her amniotic fluids were low half the pregnancy so I had to get numerous ultrasounds (which was fine for me) and drown myself with water to get the levels back up...they did get up. :) Then the heat of the summer came around so I was a HOT beached whale and had no energy to lift a finger let alone Kimber, so I was miserable. Then at 34 weeks I had the worst pain known to man and thought I was in Labor, at 3 am I drove myself to the hospital (because Randy stayed home with a sleeping Kimber) I got checked in triage everything was fine there so I was sent to the ER- to only discover I had a gallbladder full of stones and what I was experiencing was a gallbladder attack. Awful pain I tell ya! Next thing I knew, I was admitted to the hospital for a 2 day stay to be monitored for pain and baby watch. They didn't want to do surgery on me because I was pregnant and it could cause harm to the baby or put me in pre-term labor. At that time, I was given a beautiful Priesthood blessing by Randy and my dad that I would be able to carry Makenzie full term and that my gallbladder would calm enough to do so. Well, IT DID!! I hardly had any pain for the remainder of my pregnancy and I even had some kind of energy pulled from my toes to make it through. :) I am so thankful for prayer, fasting and priesthood blessings during my pregnancy-it truly sustained me. Makenzie never once had problems with her and she was always so active and reasured me see was there in my tummy. I needed that. I had lots to be grateful for even in the stress of it all.

Both Kimber and Makenzie I have carried past my due date. Apparently, my babies like to stay until they get kicked out. I was induced with Kimber at 41 weeks and headed the same direction with Makenzie. I stay at 2 cm and 50% effaced FOREVER!!! I was past 40 weeks pregnant with Makenzie so my doctor scheduled for me to be induced September 14th at 3am. Not the most prefect time in the world but I was actually excited because Kimber would be sleeping so I knew she'd be ok in bed ( I was so nervous to leave my baby), and I had most of contractions at night so I thought I would just shoot Makenzie out. I deliver at Banner Gateway and it is one of the busiest hospitals for maternity so I should've known I wouldn't get in at that time anyway. It's annoying because you just have to keep calling to see if there is a bed available, that can be the pits when you are past your due date and so sick of being pregnant you want to shoot someone! haha. :)

There was no room in the inn for a LONG time. I just kept getting pushed back for hours and there were numerous people ahead of me so I was looking to deliver in 2012 at that rate. The hospital was so full they were putting people in the halls to labor....uh, no thanks, i'll stay home. :) I guess September is a busy month for deliveries because it's all Christmas/New Years conception babies....haha. Everyone wants to stay warm around the Holidays! Gross! :)

Well, the night of the 14th when I should've been delivered and holding my baby in my arms I started having contractions on my own. Could it be true? I thought. I always had contractions at night so I didn't think much of it. They were about 12 mins apart but coming on pretty intense. I was able to catch winks of sleep inbetween but I didn't get the best rest that night. My friend Amber was staying with us because she was going to watch Kimber. Bless her heart she was a trooper and camped out with us for a couple days as we were in the "waiting game". The morning of the 15th I was still having contractions but they slowed down so I was just expecting to wait for a bed for eternity. I just told myself to stay calm and patient and Makenzie would be here sooner or later. I took a bath, got ready for the day and we went walking around the San Tan mall with my sister in law for a couple hours. My contractions stayed the same but once I got home they started picking up and were 7 mins apart. I took a nap for about an hour and woke up to contractions. I should've gone to the hospital at that point but I was so scared of being sent away for a false alarm. Amber had class that night so my mom was going to watch Kimber for us so I could go get checked in triage. My mom was on her way over when I decided I should finally bite the bullet and go to the hospital. Right then, Amber called me to tell me she felt she shouldn't go to class so she'd come back over to the house to watch Kimber. (which turned out to be a blessing because my mom would have missed my labor) I then called my mom and told her to meet us at the hospital instead. We left and my contractions were 5-6 mins apart lasting about a min. I was STILL in denial I wasn't in labor though...geez, what was I waiting for? A slap in the head or my baby to actually fall out to convince me I was in labor? :) For real! Next time i'll know.
We arrived and I HATE the whole checking into the hospital thing. I really wish you could skip all that crap. I probably dilated 3 cms just filling out dumb paperwork. Next time I'll know better for that too! I finally got into triage and got checked and I was a 6!! I was floored and never thought I could do that on my own! Go Me!!! :) The nurse asked if I wanted an epidural. uh, duh, HELL yeah I want an epidural (sorry) :) That was a silly question. It seemed like an eternity for her to call my doctor to tell him I was in labor (which he was extremely proud of me going in on my own and not having to wait years to be induced) and to actually wheel me into the labor room. From that point, I literally went from being in moderate pain to intense pain and this is where the fun begins!

Dude, I swear an animal came out in me....I was part of a wild wolf pack and I was the leader about to attack. I don't know what was coming over me. I was crying, failing my arms in the air, moving around, yelling "I can't do this" and wanting to KILL Randy. I had a sworm of nurses around me and I felt like more were coming in from the halls to help. Boy howdy! They kept telling me to relax and breathe! Yeah, since that is possible. I wanted to punch them. :) The nurse told me I needed to wait until I emptied a full bag of IV fluid before I could get an epidural and I about lost it! "you're kidding right"? LUCKILY, my nurse must have been scared for her life or something because she eventually just said ok, let's give you the epidural. Bless her soul!

I honestly, had 2.2 seconds to sit still and get my epidural. It was hard but I got it, and I finally felt some relief. After I calmed down I was then able to re-cap on what had just happened and I was so embarrased for myself. Gee Whiz, I was out of the movies and I just apologized over and over. Randy said I wasn't that bad but what does he know. He's just the jerk that got me pregnant and the guy I didn't want touching me. haha. I was mean to him too so he had to say that because he was scared for his life too. :) Jk. he did great! After checking into the hospital at 7 pm Makenzie popped out at 9:33pm so I labored at the hospital for just over 2 hours. I was so happy to get her out and SO thankful I got drugs. When you are not expecting that pain and it comes like a freight train it is pretty intense, scary stuff. I was so grateful it was fast and I was able to experience going on my own. It was a fantastic (animal like) labor. Glad it's over and we have a PERFECT little Makenzie (and Kimber). They are just over 17 months apart and I am so excited for them to grow up together. They will be best buds. Kimber has done great with her too and it has been way easier than I expected. I have two great girls!

LONG story short with my gallbladder...it's out now and I am doing much better! That was one of the scariest, painful things I have ever experienced.(maybe close to or even worse than my animal like labor) It's been a harder time for me this time after a baby with my gallbladder issues and postpartum depression that I have gone through some very emotional times and extreme anxiety that has been scary. I am getting better every day and healing so I have much to be grateful for. Heavenly Father truly looks over us and knows when we need an extra hand and support. My friends and family have been wonderful! I am blessed. Since, this is the longest post ever I will do pictures later. I have newborn shots I need to upload anyway. She's cute though....just trust me! :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's a girl!

We had our ultrasound today and found out we are having another girl. We are so excited for Kimber to have a sister close to her age. They will be 17 months apart. I am sure it will be pretty busy around our house but I am sure we can handle it. She is due September 12th-our anniversary. I am expecting to go late with her since I had to be induced with Kimber at a week late, but we will see what this girl will surprise us with. I am excited because I have all the stuff for a girl already and I am so thrilled Kimber will have a sister close in age. My only sister and I are about 13 yrs apart so this will be fun to see two girls be raised together. We are so happy to be adding to our little family! We are growing! :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kimber's 8 month photo shoot

Oh my, I can honestly squeeze these chunks all day. I LOVE THEM!!!!
Kimber doing what she does best...smiling and drooling! She looks so much like Randy it's not even funny.
My beauty queen, she has such perfect brown eyes! Thank you to my friend Holli for making the cute hair bows! Love them!

This is one of my favorite pics of Kimber. She is so stinkin cute I can't stand it!!

This pic is of Kimber and her cousin Zoe-Faye who is three months older than her. They will be best of friends someday! Zoe-Faye is Helen's daugther (the photographer). They are already learning to share. :)

So pretty.......I love when I can see her little mind at work.

Kimber had a photo shoot done by her Aunt Helen when she was 8 months old. Helen is an amazing photographer, and she has a few fine art photography collections. We are so lucky to have her talent in the family! She took so many great shots. I wanted to download so many more but it was taking too long! Thank you so much Helen!
Kimber is now 9 months old, I don't know where the time has gone. I love this little girl more each day. She is SO much fun. She crawls, laughs, sings, smiles, stands up, gives high fives, jabbers all day, and is into EVERYTHING! She has mastered saying "daddy", but still working on "mommy". I think Randy bribes her with candy. haha. I couldn't imagine my life without her. I am so thankful to be her mom. We love our little Kimber Roo.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

2 years...

Is it really possible that Randy and I have been married for two years now? It won't be long until I am writing that we will be married for 5, 10, then 15 yrs....Wow, it has gone by fast. We have had some fun these two years. We have shared a lot of laughs, tears, great memories and of course sharing our little Kimber. Happy Anniversary honey! I am looking forward to many more years to come. Love you!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kimber's room

Gosh, I am a slacker when it comes to blogging. I am so far behind. I have a lot to catch up on. Today, I am posting Kimber's nursery. These were taken awhile ago and I have totally spaced taking new ones because I just noticed that all the frames in these pictures don't have her pictures in them...they do now so I guess its time to bust out the camera and take some updated photos of the nursery. So, just imagine pics of Kimber in the frames. :)
My friend Molly did the vinyl for us (thank you Moll) and Randy did all the painting and chair rail by himself. He did an amazing job. Its a really cute room, small but cute. It's perfect for our little princess. :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blessing day

My computer is acting funny so I will have to post later before I lose this one...... These pictures are of her on her blessing day.

She fell asleep on the way home from Church so when she woke up she was so hungry we didn't get a lot of good pictures of her. I'll have to put her back in her dress and take some of her happy and smiling.

Her Blessing day, we had a lot of family come and support us-Thank you fam! Her dress was so beautiful on her, she looked like the sweet little angel (except the crying picture of her). Randy gave her the sweetest blessing too! Thank you to Holli for making all her cute headbands. Kimber looks so adorable in all of them!

Our happy girl. This is one of my favorite outfits of hers. I love her smiles, they are so funny. She looks so much like Randy it is not even funny!
Kimber is growing up so fast she is almost 3 months-how come the time is going by so fast now, but when I was pregnant it went by so slowly? I can't imagine my life without her. She is such a great baby, she's almost sleeping through the night waking up once or twice- I don't care though, she's worth it. She eats well and she smiles ALL the time. I can't wait for her to start laughing, I think she will soon because she definately has found her voice. She loves bath time and loves her mommy and daddy. Its so sweet for me to see her with her daddy. Randy is an awesome dad!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Kimber 1 month

I can't believe my little girl is already growing so fast. I know a month doesn't seem like that long, but really the time sure does fly by. I love this little girl so much. I cannot believe how attached I have become to her. She really makes me smile and melts my heart. I feel like I have already known her for years and I can't imagine life without her.
She has already gained over 3lbs and grown an inch so to me she looks bigger everyday. She is still so little though. She is a happy baby as you can see from the picture. She loves to eat! We are having chats about being patient and not being so high maintenance when it comes to meal time. :)
She is having some reflux issues still so she sleeps propt up in her bassinet and I have to burp her like crazy and keep her upright after she eats for awhile. Her spit up has gotten less since I have been doing this. It makes me sad to see her hurt when her tummy is gassy and hurting. :(
She truly is a sweetheart! We love her!